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This is a fascinating experience! The website provides materials for those who want to learn foreign languages without a teacher. They can also be useful for teachers of English, German, Russian or Ukrainian.

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English, German, Russian, Ukrainian. Grammar lessons and conversational practice with a professional teacher. Preparation for exams.

Hello and welcome! My name is Natalya. I’m from Ukraine. Russian and Ukrainian are my native languages. I am fluent in English and German. I also speak a little French and Italian, which I continue to learn.
Foreign languages are my passion. As a professional philologist, I have been teaching English and German for over 20 years. Of these, about 10 years are online.
I teach the Russian and Ukrainian languages to English and/or German speaking students. I teach German to English, Russian or Ukrainian speaking people. If you are fluent in Russian, Ukrainian or German and want to master English, I would be happy to help you.
My pupils include school children, students and postgraduate students, people who need a foreign language for study or work, and people who just like to learn foreign languages, to learn about the culture of other countries.
Would you like to know more about my lessons? Click on the flag of the country whose language you are interested in. Here you can read some of the many reviews from my wonderful students.

Lingvia on YouTube

On this channel you will find German lessons for beginners, video versions of texts in Russian and other useful information.

My Books

I am also the author of several books. Among them are

a textbook of Ukrainian language for beginners:

Ukrainian. Step-by-Step

Collections of funny little short stories in Russian for beginners:

Несравненный Насреддин. Russian. A1 — A2

Весёлые истории (Reading in Russian. A1 – A2 Levels)

Collections of funny little short stories in German for beginners:

Lustige Geschichten. Reading in German. A1 – A2 Levels

Der unvergleichliche Nasruddin. German A1 — A2
A collection of fascinating short stories in German with translation into Russian. These books are particularly useful for German speakers who study Russian and for Russian speakers who study German:

Lustige Geschichten. Teil 1. Весёлые истории. Часть 1

Lustige Geschichten. Teil 2. Весёлые истории. Часть 2

Der unvergleichliche Nasruddin. Несравненный Насреддин