Learn English online. Grammar training & speaking practice with a professional teacher. Preparation for exams

English for beginners and experts

Would you like to start learning English from scratch? Are you going to take the IELTS or TOEFL exam?
Are you more interested in speaking practice? Do you want to improve your knowledge of the English grammar? If you need the help of an experienced teacher, please contact me. I’ve been teaching English for more than 20 years. Of these, about 10 years are online. I try to use the best of time-tested and up-to-date methods. I provide my students with all the necessary materials. I give and check homework. I do everything I can to make the student speak the language which he is learning and feel comfortable. The main thing for me is the success of my students. Feedback on my work is presented here. I give both individual lessons and group sessions. The cost of both is shown here: Prices

I teach the English language to Russian and German speaking learners, as well as to those whose mother tongue is Ukrainian.

In class we

  • read, translate and discuss various texts;
  • make up dialogues on various topics;
  • practice the English grammar;
  • do grammar exercises;
  • write down new words;
  • watch and discuss short videos, etc.