Materials for those who teach and learn German

Are you a teacher of German? Do you learn German for your work or for fun? Here there are a lot of interesting and useful materials, which will help you.

Questions in German on various topics

Questions in German about more than 200 various topics, which can be used to make up dialogues in class or in an individual lesson.

questions in German

It is no secret at all that it is always more difficult to ask than to answer. This section presents questions on almost every topic in German. They can be used to make up a dialogue in the classroom, which is an important element in preparing for exams at the Goethe-Institut, Telc, TestDaf, etc. as well as the development of conversational practice.

Stories in German & Russian

Are you learning German or Russian? Then these videos can be very helpful! Each of them is followed by questions that can be used for making up dialogues.

I am very grateful to Mona, a friend of mine from Germany, who helped me to create these videos.

Our bilingual videos help German and Russian learners to expand their vocabulary and learn words in context with fun, success and relaxation.

Lessons of German on YouTube

Video lessons for beginners whose native language is Russian. It is based on the recognized and very effective method created by Michael Thomas, which is offered only for learners whose native language is English.

My Books

I am also the author of several books. Among them there are

Collections of funny short stories in German for beginners:

Lustige Geschichten. Reading in German. A1 – A2 Levels

Der unvergleichliche Nasruddin. German A1 — A2

A collection of fascinating short stories in German with translation into Russian. These books are especially useful for German speakers learning Russian and Russian speakers learning German:

Lustige Geschichten. Teil 1. Весёлые истории. Часть 1

Lustige Geschichten. Teil 2. Весёлые истории. Часть 2

Der unvergleichliche Nasruddin. Несравненный Насреддин

And of course you can contact me if you need help from an experienced teacher. Here you can find my contacts and the prices of the lessons.